Phentermine Diet Pills | See the Results You Can Get

Phentermine diet pills consist of a drug that has a similar effect to an amphetamine. It is a stimulant, meaning, that it speeds things up a bit inside the body. It can make a person more alert and may speed up the metabolism. It affects the central nervous system and can suppress the appetite. Phentermine diet pills are used with diet and exercise to help people lose weight. It is mainly used to treat obesity. Phentermine can be habit forming. It should only be taken for a short period of time.


How it Works


Scientists believe that Phentermine diet pills are an appetite suppressant because of the effects they have on the brain. It may also have an effect on the body’s metabolism. It is recommended for short-term use as an aid to exercise, diet calorie restriction and behavior modification for weight loss. Excess weight can lead to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, so the medication is used to help people avoid other weight related health risks.

phentermine diet pills


How to Take Phentermine Diet Pills


  • Take the medicine before breakfast or just after breakfast. It is best to take it early in the day, as it is a stimulate. Avoid taking it late in the evening, as it can cause difficulty sleeping.
  • Take just the amount prescribes. Do not increase the dosage unless you talk to your doctor.
  • Use the medicine along with exercise and a restricted diet to get the desired weight loss. It is just an aid to weight loss, not the whole picture. It simply helps with other methods of weight loss.
  • Do not take this Phentermine diet pills with alcohol. Do not drive or use heavy machinery until you know how the medicine will affect your judgement.
  • Talk to your doctor before using with other medications, to avoid dangerous interactions.
  • Report any side effects to your physician immediately. This includes shortness of breath, chest pain or any other physical change.
  • Phentermine diet pills should not be used by pregnant women or women who are breast-feeding.
  • Do not take if you have heart disease, heart arrhythmias, overactive thyroid, congestive heart failure, glaucoma or high blood pressure. Talk to your doctor before starting the medication.

phentermine diet pills

Important Things to Know


Weight loss may be more dramatic during early use of Phentermine diet pills. You should ask your doctor before increasing the dosage later on. The most popular dosage is 37.5 mg. Most physicians will recommend starting with this dosage so that patients can get the full effect of the medication right away. It is used at this higher level because the medication is only prescribed for a short period of time. It does come in lower dosages though. You doctor may feel it is best to start at a lower dosage, depending on your specific situation.

phentermine diet pills

  • Tablets of Phentermine are only available in 37.5 mg.
  • Tablets are cheaper than capsules, so many people just start out at 37.5 get the maximum benefits of the medication for a short period of time.
  • Tablets can be split in half for lower starting dosages.

Other Things to Think About


If your doctor starts you out on Phentermine diet pills at a lower dosage than the maximum 37.5 mg., do not worry. If you are getting the benefits of a suppressed appetite and faster metabolism, giving you the weight loss you desire, and the extra energy, this is good. You will get the benefits but have less of the potential side effects of the medication.


If a lower dosage of Phentermine diet pills are working for you, it means that your body is not building up a resistance to the medication and in the future if you need to increase the amount, to reach your goals, you can do so. If you start off with the highest level of medication, you will not be able to increase it if you need to. Use just the amount you need to achieve your objectives. In the final analysis, talk with your doctor and follow their recommendations to get the most benefit from short term use of the Phentermine.